Breakthroughs in Healthcare and Allied Health Sciences

Name Research Title
Andriany, Megah Effects of Peer Education with Role Play Methods on the Stigma of HIV/AIDS by and in Inmates
Anggorowati, Anggorowati An Overview Postpartum Mother’s Readiness to Go Home in One Province of Indonesia
Cabaddu, Hazel Improving Delivery of Care in Nursing Patient Care
Falguera, Zenaida Occupational Stress Level of Special Area Nurses (ER, OR, DR, ICU) At Divine Mercy Wellness Center: A Comparative Study
Gan, Valerie Maryse The Use of Intuition Among Staff Nurses in the Acute Care Setting
Langingi, Nova Caring Behavior of Nurses in a Private Hospital: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study
Ningrum, Evi The Correlation Between Nurse Burnout Syndrome with Perception of Teamwork and Safety in Military Hospital
Ordillo, Kriciel Ann Stress Level of Critical-Care and Hospital-Ward Nurses at Grupo Medico De Dios Hospital
Rahmawati, Ike Nesdia Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care and It’s Relation to the Quality of Life of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Outpatient Unit
Sandi, Serlina The Effectiveness of Patient Safety Human Patient Simulation (PS-HPS) on the Learning Outcomes of Nursing Students in Indonesia
Setiawan, Arif Adi Description of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) of the First and Second Dose of Moderna Vaccines Between Survivors and Non-Survivors of Covid-19
Tabil, Vincent Exploring Night-Shift Nurses’ Challenges: Implications for Quality Nursing Care
Villagracia, Hazel Filipino Nurses’ Quality of Life, Work Engagement, and Coping During Covid-19 Pandemic: Trilogy of Caring-Based Framework
Casaman, Krysthia Samantha The Association of Diabetes Mellitus as Comorbidity on Mortality of Covid-19 Infection in Asian Population: A Meta-Analysis
Fevriasanty, Fransiska Imavike Level of knowledge about stunting prevention nutrition of pregnant women in Maluku Indonesia
Handayani, Fitria Effect of Complex Nursing Interventions on Depression in Post-Stroke Patients
Quiambao, Bernadette Nursing Students' Perception on Upholding the Use of Blended Learning as a mode of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education

Program Title: 5th SPUP International Interdisciplinary Research Conference (5th SPUP IIRC)

Conference Theme: “Blazing New Trails in Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability”

Date/Time/Location: December 9-11, 2022; SPUP Global Center Function Hall and via ZOOM

Host Organization: St. Paul University Philippines