December 9-11, 2022

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About 5th SPUP IIRC

Research is imperative to achieve high quality, innovative, and sustainable education leading towards the holistic development of peoples and nations. The post-pandemic transformation in teaching and learning would be most effective and impactful when driven by interdisciplinary research studies anchored on quality, technology, and sustainability. Certainly, relevant research outcomes account as game changer in the educational ecosystem and global economy today.
In response to the continually changing global community and educational landscape brought about by technological advancement, St. Paul University Philippines holds the 5th International Interdisciplinary Research Conference (5th IIRC). This is to provide a research optimization and utilization opportunity to administrators and leaders of various organizations, teachers, innovators, entrepreneurs and practitioners from various sectors of the society.
The conference aims to:
  1. provide an educational and scientific platform for interdisciplinary high-impact research on the 4IR post-pandemic era and beyond;
  2. create networking opportunities and alliances for the advancement of knowledge, innovation and practice towards smart, future-ready organizations;
  3. foster creativity, innovation and sustainability in implementing a humanistic approach to technology-enabled learning;
  4. advance sustainability efforts towards social transformation by deepening collaborative research engagements among academicians, innovators, entrepreneurs and practitioners.
Target Outcomes:
  1. Deeper knowledge and understanding, and more holistic and interdisciplinary perspectives on the nature, challenges, and impact of the 4IR post-pandemic era upon educational eco-systems, societies, and all other aspects of life;
  2. Engaged researchers, innovators, and collaborators in different disciplines and professions for effective and optimum utilization of research findings and innovations to improve the quality of education, work, and practice of profession;
  3. Relevant and productive discussions on educational innovations, healthcare breakthroughs, technology-enhanced business and hospitality management, internationalization, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and
  4. Participants’ concrete outputs such as projects and programs for collaborative research and training on the interdisciplinary topics tackled in the conference.
  5. Published and utilized research outputs providing solutions to real-life problems.

Program Title: 5th SPUP International Interdisciplinary Research Conference (5th SPUP IIRC)

Conference Theme: “Blazing New Trails in Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability”

Date/Time/Location: December 9-11, 2022; SPUP Global Center Function Hall and via ZOOM

Host Organization: St. Paul University Philippines

Paper Categories:
  1. Teaching and Learning Innovations
  2. Breakthroughs in Healthcare and Allied Health Sciences
  3. Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Data Science, Multiverse, Digitization, Cybersecurity, Blockchain Technology
  4. Technopreneurship, Business, Hospitality Management, and Start-up Innovations
  5. Sustainability Studies, Peace Education, Environment, Community Development
  6. Social Sciences, Humanities and Spirituality
  7. Internationalization, Interculturality, Language Studies
American International College
Universitas Diponegoro
Universitas Brawijaya
Universitas Sulawesi Barat
Universitas Respati Yogyakarta
American International College

Massachusetts, USA

Universitas Diponegoro

Semarang, Indonesia

Universitas Brawijaya

Malang, Indonesia

Universitas Sulawesi Barat

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Unversitas Respati Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Makassar Health Polytechnic
Cangzhou Medical College
Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering
Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College
Omega International College
Makassar Health Polytechnic

Makassar City, Indonesia

Cangzhou Medical College

Cangzhou, China

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering

Changzhou, China

Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College

Shanghai, China

Omega International College